Problem Set #1

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Problem Set #1 has been released.  In case you lose the paper form, print another from here.

APCS Syllabus

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Here is the syllabus for AP Computer Science:  APCS Syllabus

Geometry 1 Syllabus

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Here is the syllabus for Geometry 1:  Geo1 Syllabus

APCS Resources

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This page lists resources that should be useful to AP Computer Science students.

  • Textbook
    • Textbook website: Java Methods A & AB
    • Student “Disk”, with files corresponding to source code in the book (Note:  The linked zip file is for the newer edition of the textbook, so do not expect 100% correlation between the textbook and the download!)
    • Errata (i.e., the mistakes that have been found in the book)