Videos of Geometric Constructions

The videos here are meant to help beginners with basic geometric constructions and some example applications. It is recommended that you go at your own pace, pausing the videos to try what you see and replaying parts that you're unsure about. I hope you find these useful!

If you're interested in using the constructions applet I developed (which is used in these videos), visit here:

Remember to watch videos in fullscreen mode at high resolution (720p HD)!

  1. Copy a Line Segment (Construction #1)
  2. Copy an Angle (Construction #2)
  3. Construct a Perpendicular Bisector of a Segment (Construction #3)
  4. Construct a Perpendicular Through a Point Not on a Given Line (Construction #4)
  5. Bisect a Given Angle (Construction #5)
  6. Construct a Line || to a Given Line via Corresponding Angles (Construction #6)
  7. Miscellaneous

All videos linked to this page are ©2012 by Michael Ferraro.